About Me

Debbie Slaughter

I’m currently studying for my Masters degree in Financial Psychology and Planning. I believe that the way to achieve financial and career goals is through understanding your current behaviors. I’m an Accredited Financial Counselor, and Certified Professional Resume Writer. I served as the lead for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Hiring Our Heroes – Military Spouse Professional Network. I’m humbled that you stopped by my page to learn more! Let’s chat!

My Vision: I hope to educate all of my clients so that they gain the tools

they need to make sound decisions as they go through life.

My Mission

To assist in my client’s financial and career journey by learning their financial behavior and career goals to develop a successful life plan. Each step throughout the journey will be an opportunity to learn about personal finance and career planning so that they can be self sufficient in their pursuit of financial stability and independence.

I’m all about getting to know my clients.

Let me learn more about you. I’d love to be a stepping stone towards your career objectives and finance goals.

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